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Birthday Message Cookies

Birthday Message Cookies


● small cookie 6cm ----- $3.50


● medium cookie 7cm ----- $4.10

● large cookie 8cm ----- $4.70


● XL cookie 9cm ----- $5.30



~ Cookie flavour: butter shortbread.


~ Additional charge of $0.20 per cookie for choice of chocolate shortbread flavour.


~ Cookies can be done as a single-piece cookie (without a stick attached to cookie), or as a lollipop-style cookie (with a stick attached to cookie).


~ Additional charge of $0.15 per cookie applies for lollipop-style cookies.


~ Various cookie designs available, including but not limited to examples as shown in these product pictures.


Cookie design and colours can be customised, if required.


~ Cookie design consists of your customised / personalised wordings, provided that the length of wordings shall fit the cookie size. 


~ Please state your required wordings and customised design colours (if any) in the "Add a Note" box at the checkout section.

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