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Customised Cookie Packs / Chocolate Rocher Packs for All Occasions

Customised Cookie Packs / Chocolate Rocher Packs for All Occasions



● The number of pieces of cookies per pack can be customized based on your preference and the price shall be quoted accordingly upon request.

● Cookies are packed and sealed in one of the following packaging options:

(a) kraft paper ziplock bag in brown / red / green / black / white colour;


(b) matte transparent plastic ziplock bag;


(c) silver & gold metallic ziplock bag with transparent front side;


(d) Printed design plastic ziplock bag with transparent front side;


(e) printed design plastic bag tied with ribbon or twist wire;


(f) clear plastic bag tied with ribbon or twist wire.



● Actual design / colour of packaging bags to be used is subject to availability of stocks from packaging suppliers.

● Cookie packaging comes with our standard Cookie Culture sticker labels.

Add-on option:-


*** For an additional charge of $0.50 per pack, custom-printed stickers can be pasted or custom-printed tags can be tied onto the cookie pack packaging. The design artwork for your customized stickers / tags is to be provided by you for our printing purpose.


*** The MOQ for printing of customised stickers / gift cards is 10 packs.


*** Alternatively, you may provide your own ready-printed stickers / gift cards for our use on the cookie packaging. No printing charge applies in this case.


● Some standard cookie pack size options are:

*** 3-piece pack ----- $2.45 [MOQ 50 packs]

*** 6-piece pack ----- $4.70 [MOQ 20 packs]

*** 10-piece pack ----- $7.65 [MOQ 10 packs]



● List of cookie and chocolate rocher flavours for your selection (subject to availability, and also subject to change from time to time):-


Alphonso Mango Cookies

Apple Raisin Cookies

Belgian Chocolate Cookies

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Cornflakes Cookies

Cranberry Rose Cookies

Dahlia Butter Cookies

Earl Grey Cookies

Earl Grey Lavender Cookies

Gula Melaka Cookies

Jasmine Green Tea Cookies

Lychee Osmanthus Cookies

Mocha Hazelnut Cookies

Ondeh Ondeh Tarts #

Orange Velvet Cookies

Satay Cookies (a little spicy)

Speculoos Pods #

Thai Milk Tea Cookies #  

White Chocolate Nestum Cereal Cookies

Yuzu Cookies


Milk Chocolate Almond Rocher #

Strawberry Chocolate Almond Rocher #

White Chocolate Almond Rocher #

Koko Krunch & Speculoos Chocolate Rocher #

Cornflakes & Raisins Strawberry Chocolate Rocher #

Froot Loops & White Chocolate Rocher #




● Our regular cookie / rocher size is generally around 3.8cm+/- in diameter per piece


# This cookie / rocher flavour is subject to a price surcharge, to be advised upon request.


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