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Heart / Flower Cookies

Heart / Flower Cookies



◼ small cookie 6cm ----- $3.50

◼ medium cookie 7cm ----- $4.10

◼ large cookie 8cm ----- $4.70



● Assorted heart-shaped or flower-shaped cookie designs, including but not limited to examples shown in these product pictures.


● Cookie design colours can be customised, if required. 


● Please state your choice of heart or flower cookie design (a mix of both cookie designs is also possible), as well as required customised design colours (if any), in the "Add a Note" box at the checkout section.


● Cookies individually sealed in clear plastic bag and tied with ribbon / twist wire.


● Basic cookie flavour: butter shortbread.


● Additional charge of $0.20 per cookie for choice of chocolate shortbread flavour.

● Can be done as single-piece cookies (without a stick attached to cookie), or as lollipop-style cookies (with a stick attached to cookie).

● For lollipop-style cookies, additional charge of $0.15 per cookie applies.

● Minimum order quantity is 10 pieces per flavour.

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